Yes I guess so now you have said it the zz's do give it away

Pleased you have supplies in, that is very cheap for a thermometer I've not got one but keep saying I will buy one.

Sounds like you went through it from your teens up a lot gets blamed on being a teenager!

I've never been given so much as a paracetamol for my IIH nothing. Which when looking into medication for it there seems to be one drug used for a different illness which it's side effect brings the fluid down but I've never been offered it & pleased as it can make you feel sick all the time. I'm guessing it's because I don't have the headaches as such so they are leaving me alone medication wise. They did a procedure to see if they could fit a stent but when they take the pressure way down in a spinal tap the veins in my head collapse so they can't do it.

It's the same as your IH & probably most chronic illnesses you learn to live with the symptoms they bring with them on a day to day basis it in the end is "a normal life" for us

Sorry your leg is still very painful I guess I could always come round & knock you out for a few hours When one part of my body is playing up bad I think to myself if I stubbed my toe at least it would be a different part of me hurting more for a while!