I have been receiving ESA and DLA for at least 7 or 8 years now for a number or conditions relating to Anxiety/Depression and Agoraphobia which has plagued me for about 24 years now.

I was initially put into the WRAG group but i have always believed i should be in the Support group. I have put off doing anything about it because my mentality is very much one of sticking my head in the sand and i tend to also mentally build molehills in to mountains. Its something i would now like to remedy but have no idea quite well to start.

Although i hate writing im fairly confident i could put my points across in a well enough manner but i feel im lacking evidence to backup my claims. I rarely ever see my Doctor as any complaints i have will usually aggravate my Agoraphobia so i just ignore them till they go away, i also either feel im wasting the doctors time or even that they would be wasting mine as they generally dont take things seriously nowadays and just give you medication.

Ive had therapy a few times with Talking Change which helped a little just by getting me to travel a small distance on a regular basis. The actual therapy was not very good. Ive only ever been to the Job Centre twice in the last 20 years and that was during short lived good spells with the agoraphobia.

I was looking to use a local organisation to help with the forms but the pandemic has made that problematic at the moment.

To the questions...

Ive had a little read about on the forum and it looks like i just need to prepare a letter of Mandatory Reconsideration and try and fulfil the requirements for at least one of the Support Group Descriptors or the Special Regulations?

Should i ask for the original decision? If so what exactly should i be requesting. I did ask for this some months ago but all they gave me was short letter about an appeal being failed.

Would it be worth trying to backdate as really nothing has changed?

Im unsure what sort of evidence i should be requesting from my Doctor and also from Talking Change. Im sure i have asked Talking Change for evidence in the past and they said they didn't do that and any correspondences to my doctor would have been extremely brief, ie 'has started therapy' and 'has ended therapy'. Would statements from family or friends hold any weight?

I hope what i have wrote makes sense