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Thread: Mobility Scooter

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    Mobility Scooter

    Dont know if a mobility Scooter counts as motoring but here goes, Ive been trying for weeks now trying to get my scooter serviced and new batterys but no where seems to be open (apart from the usual rip off cowboys)
    Any suggestions any one I live in central Scotland

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    Sometimes Shopmobility services them but not all areas have a service department.

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    The term 'service' is abused by dealers to extort money from you. There is nothing to service; it's just a checkover and if you're lucky a squirt of lube.

    New batteries are easy to fit for any able-bodied person. If you have no one, then ask the auto-electrician at your local garage.

    I use a wheelchair and can't walk for more than a few yards with sticks, but I can still sit on the floor and change the batteries and tyres on my chairs (and used to on my mobility scooters). I can't pick anything up, but I just slide everything on bits of a cardboard box.

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