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    But doesn't the descriptor say "Prepare & cook a meal" ?
    As I see it using a microwave is not preparing & cooking a meal.
    Call me Mike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leicesterguyuk View Post
    If solely using a microwave to cook all hot meals constitutes a simple one course meal then yes. I guess it depends on peoples expectations and standards of a one course meal. I can't think of any meat I would want to cook in a microwave - a chicken breast, sausages, pork chops, leg of lamb? Using a microwave to me is not 'cooking'. This differentiates us from people without disabilities, they would never only use a microwave to prepare meals.

    But it doesn't matter what I think, their ridiculous rules are final.
    But some of those at least require the use of the oven and that's not included in the descriptor either, only the hob.

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    It's the heat that makes my illness worse same with showering I don't know if you heard of the man on fire my feet hands legs face ears go red and swollen it's like someone has taken a blow touch to the part of the body there is no meds no cure only feet up cool water fan so many have taken they're life becouse the pain is unbearable there are so many things that make it worse eating drinking walking when I can becouse it feels like the skin has gone of feet it's bloods and nerves

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