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Thread: Face to face assessments to remain suspended..

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    Face to face assessments to remain suspended..

    Hi found this update regarding assessments on website

    Face-to-face assessments to remain suspended, but kept under review

    Some review and reassessment activity to gradually resume from July 2020 for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
    People are encouraged not to delay making claims as all benefits remain open and telephone and paper based assessments are in place where appropriate
    This temporary suspension, initially brought in for three months to protect people from unnecessary risk of coronavirus at the outset of the pandemic, will remain in place following a consideration of the latest public health guidance. We will announce any changes to this in due course.

    All services remain open and people are encouraged to make a claim if they believe they need support, or to update the department on a change of their circumstances.

    As measures are taken across the country to ease restrictions, the department will also gradually resume some review and reassessment activity which had been put on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak. We will shortly be restarting review and renewal activity in PIP and DLA, starting with those claims which were already underway when this activity was suspended.

    What this means for claimants:
    Anyone who makes a new claim or is due an assessment will be contacted, if necessary, to discuss next steps, which could involve either telephone or paper-based assessments.
    We will shortly be writing out to some PIP and DLA claimants asking them to complete paperwork to resume their reviews, reassessments and renewals. For PIP cases where paperwork has already been returned, claimants may be contacted by one of our Assessment Providers.

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    I saw it yesterday, it doesn't really change anything it's just a reminder.
    It just restates that if you are waiting for an assessment/reassessment they will contact you when they are ready to do yours.

    I think it's mainly meant as a reminder that they are still taking new PIP claims even though they are not currently doing F2F assessments.

    The claim rate for PIP has plumeted during lockdown, but I believe that's more a case that people can't get to see an advisor to help them claim.
    (And the DWP refuse to deal with advisors unless the client is actually with them, but that's another issue).

    Here's a link to the original press release:
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    Let’s hope they’re suspended until next year .

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    My PIP was due for renewal in March, I filled the form in and sent it back in Dec last year. The DWP confirmed receipt mid Jan. The only contact I've had was letter mid May saying they'd extended to Nov 4th 2020.

    Be interesting to see what they do. I retire in August 2021 and know they perform an assessment just before you retire. So I guess they 'might' roll the two together? Or is that too much to expect of the DWP!!

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