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Thread: BT Basic Phone On It's Own Or With Broadband Cheap If On Certain Benefit's £10.07!

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    Yes I know it is run by Sky, when you ring them you get an Irish voice answering.
    Will remember to ring them once our contract ends

    The only thing I don't like is that they don't do Direct Debit, it is charged to your debit card monthly. My Debit card expired a couple of months ago and I never thought to change the details with them. I did get an email saying I was in arrears and I couldn't understand why until the penny dropped. Just something to be aware of.

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    Well at the moment I'm using my phone to tether.

    With my (loyalty boosted) PAYG package from EE I get 660 MB a week for £1, that's 2.64 GB for £4 a month.
    (I also get 95 mins and 50 texts a week).
    Nobody can touch those numbers with any PAYG plan, it's those loyalty boosts that make the difference.

    Unfortunately that plan is not available to new users now, but it will keep going for existing users who keep their account topped up.

    I used to be able to start the week early if I had run out of data, another 660 MB for just £1, but because the plan is no longer available it can only auto-renew each week now.
    So I'm currently adding another £6 of data add-ons a week, which is making it less of a bargain but still untouchable by other PAYG mobile plans.

    One of my issues is that once the pub next door turns their wifi on again I'll simply use that again and the extra costs to me will stop.
    So I have an unusual situation and I don't realy want to sign up to something that I may not need soon.
    I guess I need to find out when the pub will be reopening to see if it's worth getting my own broadband in for the longer term.

    Just as an aside, if you are on EE then access to government and NHS websites is currently free and does not come off any data allowance.
    Handy for downloading legislation and DWP guidance.
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    beau, I had read that they take the money from your debit card rather than DD, I actually would like to do that rather than the DD I have with Virgin.

    Yes I think it's finding out when the pub's coming back if it does sadly

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