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Thread: inheritance issue

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    Does anyone know how I would stand for putting in a new claim when my inheritance money runs out? That's been my main concern re coming off ESA. I have only just discovered that I would have been eligible for PIP for years! Maybe I should apply for that now?
    You shouldnt need to make a new claim, your old claim should still be open but just not paying any money. Thats what happend to me. I got a sizable inheritance a few years back (big enough to stop any money from ESA, I was still disabled and when I got below the limits I started getting money from ESA No problem

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    What Stuey says was possible, and still may be, if you got your IR ESA changed to NI credits only basis.

    I'd have to look up if that is still possible, technically NI credits are administered by HMRC and not by DWP.


    Once your savings including the inheritance money drops below £16,000 you can claim income related benefits again.

    That would be a new claim for UC, (or ESA reinstated if still possible?), and would be at a reduced rate until your savings dropped below £6,000.

    You need to be careful what you spend the money on though.
    It has to be 'Reasonable' spending.
    If you blow it all on something like a world cruise or a Rolls Royce (or give it away) then the 'Deprivation of Caputal...' rules would come into play again.

    A fortnight in spain and/or a family car (for yourself) would be 'Reasonable'.
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    I've always been careful with money so would just use it for day to day living. That's eased my mind greatly. Many thanks

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