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    Cool PIP news

    My pip is due for renewal in January next year . So I have been waiting for the dreaded brown envelope falling through the letter box . A couple of days ago a brown envelope fell onto the map I said to my good “ Eww don’t like brown envelopes from Belfast “ I opened the envelope with dread and the first thing I read was . “ We have extended you PIP benefits until at least 12th October 2021 which funnily enough is my birthday .
    Now the question is will they extend it again as at my initial pip and ESA assessments the doctors said there is no chance of any improvement with time . Meaning I’m never going to get any better . As they knew that my condition is not going to get any better why the hell did they only give me a 4 year award . Next one I hope a get a 10 year award as that will take me beyond retirement age

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    That's brilliant news

    Lets hope you get that 10 year award

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    Hi Stig

    I have also had that letter.
    Mine was due for renewal next march and they have extended the date to next December.
    However I am pretty sure that is just to ensure payments continue until they can reassess, and that could happen at any time.
    That is how i have interpreted it, at least.

    And i would add that their wording is once again thoughtless and ridiculous.
    I read the first line and went into panic.

    'We suspended Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Award'

    of course the next line continues to explain the reviews were suspended.

    For goodness sake i wish they would think before they compose these letters - they are writing to vulnerable people!!!!

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    I don't believe that it's the Covid extension, the new law they passed in March only allows those for six months at a time.

    It's more likely that they have done a review on existing paperwork and given you a new 12 month award.
    I believe that they are only giving 12 month awards at the moment?

    It's getting harder to find up to date information because it's now getting swamped in searches by all the other new/changing stuff since March.
    There might be something in the transcript of last weeks Works & Pensions Committee meeting, I'll have to find time to give it a read.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    I’ve got the 10 year award and it’s a huge relief for me. They’re only checking in next time too.

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    I had a new 10 year award out of the blue a couple of months ago. Mine wasn't due to be reviewed until May 2021, but for some reason they did it early without contacting me at all. The first I knew of it was when a letter giving me a 10 year award to be followed by "light touch" reveiw in 2030 landed on my doormat.

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