I don't know if I've posted about this before but if you have i'm sorry .

I know Boris is doing all sorts to get people to go green but everything you need to do before you can get a new boiler we don't need ie cavity wall instulation loft instulation top up and whatever else.So I googled grants for boilers and a few came up so I applied for them all.The first couple that got in touch wanted us to pay £850 towards the boiler so we said thank you but no thanks.One that contacted explained everything that the grant entailed and asked us to pay £645 towards the new boiler so we said yes.They asked what benefits we were on and I told them PIP and they said great they went ahead with our claim.A date for a survey of the house to be done was sorted on the phone .I was asked about Corona and had we any symptons and I said no .The man would come masked up etc .
He came on the arranged day and time surveyed the house and told us that it should all be done in a day.The next call we got from them was to arrange a date for the fitting of the boiler.It is 5th November.So new boiler with a 2 year warranty parts labour and call out included for £645.We were asked if we wanted thermostats fitting on the 5 radiators that haven't got them and all the radiators flushing out for an extra £100.We said yes because we thought that was a good price.The others that I spoke to never mention thermostats or flushing the radiators.

I know to get someone in to fit a new boiler only would cost over £2750 because we had a problem with our boiler 3 months ago and I asked the guy who came how much he could fit a new one for.
3 years ago British Gas quoted us over £4000.