I have just had my report back from the intellectual disability psychologist who did the assessment and she deemed I lack capacity over my finances. This mean that I must keep the appointee at social services financial department that manage my money.

The appointee puts £135 into my bank every Thursday and I do my food shopping with my support staff and they help me budget my money and make sure I buy proper food instead of junk food. I normally spend £40 a week on food. The rest of the money I buy scratch cards and pop/sweets.

The appointee pays all my bills.

I get 31 hours of one to one support a week.

I already get PIP, high on both for 5 years. What does this ''lacking capacity with finances'' mean to my benefits. Is making simple budgeting decisions mean spending money on scratch cards? Should I include this report in my PIP form.

is it a good or bad thing lacking capacity?