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Thread: Abbreviations?

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    CB= Child Benefit
    CTC= Child tax credit
    WTC=working tax credit
    CA= carers allowance
    AA= Attendance Allowance
    ESA50= ESA claim form
    ESA85a= ATOS report without F2F= Face to face assessment
    ESA85b= "" "" "" with "" "" "" ""
    GL24= Appeal form
    Blimey it's like a dictionary
    Mr Cameron= Mr C A Moron

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    iib - industrial injuries benefit

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea queen View Post
    Do we have one on this site? If not would it be possible to have a thread with a list of them on it would make it easier for me and I think some others. Thanks
    Sea Queen, could you edit your original post and add all the abbreviation suggestions?
    This would make it a lot easier for everyone to find the answers quicker.

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    Done! Thanks Paul and everyone for adding to it.
    Thanks also for making it a sticky
    Sea Queen

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    What does ESD stand for please?

    Is it this below?

    Exceptionally Severe Disablement Allowance
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    Sea Queen

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    YOU hit the nail on the A T O S

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    Love atos totally agree they are a waste of time which my judge said today haha

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    Thank you, I really like, I think for me it is very useful.

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    Can anyone help ,last week fraud officer came around to my property and I wasn't in but knocked at neighbors door asking g questions about me,what do I do now ,sorry if I am in the wrong place.

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