I popped into the ford dealer in MK today, mainly to chase them up about a test drive in the S-Max. It was very busy, indeed the showroom was packed. While we were waiting we took some time to look at the new Ford Kuga. I must stress we have never seen the old one, indeed looking at Fords isn't something we have done much. I do recall looking at a ford Capri in 1973 but that's about the extent of it! The Kuga looks smart from the outside and a peek in the boot suggests its not a bad size, just about the minimum we would want. Inside the front seats do not seem very comfortable, but the dash is modern and the use of plastics seems of a reasonable quality. It's in the rear that we found the real problem, just not enough legroom. Headroom was fine though. The spec looks reasonable, but with a 2 litre diesel being the smallest diesel engine available it looks like economy could be compromised. Decided it's not worth a test drive, for us at any rate.
Test drive booked for the S-Max next Saturday