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Thread: The beginning of the end for social services.....

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    Exclamation The beginning of the end for social services.....

    With more and more people losing their care benefits and therefore their care packages there won't be as much demand for social workers so it is only a matter of time until the government start picking them off and reducing the staffing numbers.

    Social workers think that their jobs are so secure, but disability is slowly being eradicated and mental health is being played down as if it was nothing.

    If social workers value their jobs then it's about time that they started supporting disabled and mentally ill people before it is too late for them too, as there would be so many redundancies, there could be 100 social workers all fighting over one or two job vacancies in the private sector. Everything is being privatised.

    I'm sure someone else could probably word this better, but I hope you understand where I'm coming form.....but then I'm probably thinking too far into the future. Or has anyone already experienced this scenario?

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    Hi, you are so right. I worked in Social Services before my illness for many years, and cuts have been escalating. Social Workers are under so much pressure. When someone leaves or goes on long term sick leave due to stress, others have their work doubled and doubled again. No job in local government is secure, and people like us, and children are suffering, not because of inadequacies of the Social Workers, but because of cuts, cuts, cuts.

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    I actually think there will be more work for an already over stretched social services. Social Care is a stressful job and many can't or don't want the pressures of it - who can blame them as they aren't allowed to make mistakes and they are after all human - isn't this a human failing?
    The changing benefits system will mean more families will be put into crisis and need help from our social care who have already for the last few year been over run by by an increase in children being taken into care or families needing more support, generally due to an increase in drinking and drugs by parents who couldn't cope.

    The silliest quote I have seen is for people to apply to be foster carers to avoid the bedroom tax --- not a cat in hell chance of that happening. it is for totally the wrong reason and social care wouldn't be daft enough to approve anyone for that reason as it's purley to benefit themselves and not a child.
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    If they want to put themselves through months and months of their lives under scrutiny then let them try.Sure a lot of them would not bother if they realised how many hoops they have to jump through,then they get a child,children or young adult to fill the empty room what then?Hard work thats what.I fostered for years for the right reasons.

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    sea queen: "social care wouldn't be daft enough to approve anyone for that reason as it's purley to benefit themselves and not a child."

    I sure hope that you are right as children's lives are not to be played with as pawns. That said, do you remember that the Tories wanted to abolish Housing Benefit for under 25's and the Lib Dems prevented the Tories from doing so.....

    All young adults would be in serious jeopardy but it would be the children that are in care that would suffer the most if Housing Benefit is abolished as they are only in the care system until they reach 18yrs of age and have no family to support them until they are 25yrs....In fact I think that this was at least part of the argument that the Lib Dems used to put a stop to this change. Unfortunately for children in care it would benefit the social services and the government greatly if they can foster out children or get them adopted.

    Children in care need at least these two things:

    1) Not to be placed into foster care for the wrong reasons; a) To avoid bedroom tax, and b) to alleviate the care system for the benefit of the government so that they can get the abolishment of housing benefit for under 25's passed.

    2) The Tories to not get full control of our government as the Tories will abolish housing benefit for under 25's if they get full control of the government after the next general election.

    We can not allow this to happen! There is a bigger picture here.....which is why the government have made it easier to foster by changing the criteria to include single people as foster carers, so they can get the law passed on housing benefit changes after the next election.

    We don't wish to offend anyone by our views above, but this is how it looks to us.

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    No - S/S wouldn't approve anyone they knowingly thought were wanting to foster for this reason.
    Regarding my first fostering years I have been trying to think back and am sure there were some single f/Carers around back then (1990's). The gay couples have maybe been a bit more recent.
    Not to sure about the relevance of your B point though. Not really sure what you mean.
    To be honest I think all Foster Carers need to have had some lifes experience and not be approved too young. It could be a bit of a cultural shock but having said that I would hope S/S would match accordingly.
    At least it seems as if they are being made exhempt from the bedroom tax which is good.
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    Here's an interesting article that I just came across:

    I agree with Nick Clegg...

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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