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Thread: Useful resources

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    Useful resources

    This thread is a sticky for users to post commonly used benefit-related resources that might be useful for other users.

    DLF Team

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    First one I would suggest is the DWP A-Z of medical conditions:

    And the original "Disability Handbook" it is gradually replacing:

    The advantage here is that it allows one to know what the starting point will be for Decision Makers and Assessors from declaring a given medical condition and therefore any differences in how the condition impacts on yourself as an individual can then be spelled out appropriately in claim forms and especially appeals.
    Peter aka "Sociable"

    "Go gentle with yourself..strive to be happy"

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    DWP Policy Publications:

    On-line Claim Forms:

    Previous Commissioners Decisions:

    List of key legislation and statutory instruments relating to Benefits:
    Peter aka "Sociable"

    "Go gentle with yourself..strive to be happy"

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    The GL 24 is the form you need to log your DWP appeal.

    You can download the GL 14 from here pages 25 – 28

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    You will find advice, forms and guidance on the Appeals service here


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