Hi guys, I've not been around for a while but have sold our house & moved into town. The new house was cheaper than the sale price but needs all of the 'difference' spent on it to bring it up to scratch.
We had a Disabled facilities Grant on the old property £41k but as it was 8 years ago did not need to repay.
We have around £32k to spend on the new property which needs basic things like heating a kitchen and bathroom and disabled facilities for me.
When I first inquired around 3 years ago I was told that the monies would be 'ignored for the first 6 months for income support purposes.
My question is, Is this still the case?, here in Wales there is a grant scheme for those on low incomes to install modern energy efficient boilers. If my income support continues I qualify but the Job center couldn't give me a definite answer
Sorry its a long question.