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Thread: DWP appeals and CAB

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    Cool DWP appeals and CAB

    Hi everyone
    im going to give you a detailed account of my appeal and how its made no progress in 5 months..
    Im writting it on a small iphone as it is the only internet i have ..
    It will contain some spelling mistakes and does contain nuts!!
    I will have to make several visits here to fit it all in and will try and answer questions as i go with a more genral chat at end

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    I have to wait untill i can use library computer as iphone would not allow me to corect mistakes a.d screen to smal

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    I use my iPhone and iPad on here so not sure why you're struggling Druid. If its a long post then you are probably better off in the library

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    Yes andy
    i have a very small screen and can see what ive typed also im not a fan of touch screens.
    So monday im going to start although i may be able to answer little bits of it with this phone...cheers

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    Without knowing the detail of you appeal druid - please just be aware that the waiting time for appeal hearings is around 9 months at the moment! That may of course vary a bit depending on where you live, but it might account for your delay?

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    OCT 12
    i moved from taunton to dorset
    iwas on income support and lower rate DLA
    i filled out a a1 form informing my local DWP processing centre at chippenham of my move and recieved a letter back confirming my change of address and that my benifit was unaffected and would be paid as normal.

    i get questionaire from atos and fill it out and send it back.
    it was sent to me in dorset and i clearly stated my address correctly.

    recieve letter from atos asking me to attend a medical at bournemouth on jan23rd 2013.

    attend interveiw and im told i will here from dwp in next 3 weeks.

    MARCH 13
    19th of march is my normal pay day but no money goes in and still havnt had letter from DWP since my medical..
    freind gives me lift to my local jobcentre to use there phones as no money or credit to phone numbers begining 0845..
    use jobcentre phone to phone CALL CENTRE and told claim has been closed and locked!!!.
    guy from callcentre says he can not get into ANY of my claim ..
    he says i can request a call back from my local processing centre at chippenham, i agree to this..
    3pm i get a call from a lady from chippenham processing centre..
    i ask why my money has been stopped???
    she says i failed my medical and had been only awarded 12 points and i needed 15 to pass?.
    i told her its the first i had herd and why wasnt i informed??..
    she told me a letter had been sent out to me dated 15th feb 2013..
    i asked what address she said an address in taunton, i told her i was living in dorset and DWP and ATOS had written to me at my address so why have they sent my points award and medical to taunton??.
    she said im very sorry it must be human error and she informed me i was outside my appeal time as that is 1month from date of letter of points be continued!!!!

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    If you can show, as it seems you can, that the decision letter was sent to the wrong address then they have to allow you to appeal regardless of being past the time. If you were found FFW then you will have to send in sick notes and your money should be restored.
    It maybe human error but they are accountable for their error.

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    I would also advise you to contact and inform you're MP about this, they are in a position to speed things up for you.

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    Thanks guys but after i finish tomorrow it will be more clear as to how far its got.
    Thats just the start of the mess THANKS TO ALL OF YOU

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    back on library internet so im taking up story ware i left off...

    i told her it was not my fault that my appeal was late?
    she told me to put a note in appeal saying why it was late and it should be ok.
    MARCH 13
    on 27/3/13 i had still not had my medical report or points awarded even tho she said it would be RESENT 1st class!!
    my doctor gave me a 3 month fit note and i took this to CAB with an appeal form..
    i explained to CAB adviser what had been going on so they rang number on my benifits letter, the address on top of letter was my local benifits processing centre CHIPPENHAM..
    as most people may know you never get through to anyone involved with your claim just a CALL CENTRE who may email any information they deem of intrest to dwp..
    most CAB advisers think that there talking to someone at the address at the top of the benifits letter, they make a big effort to find out if the person they are talking to is either tom,fred,or harry but fail to establish ware the person on the other end of the line is talking from or what capacity that person is employed as hence its 95% certain they are talking to a badly informed member of CALL CENTRE staff SOMEWARE in the uk..
    with CALL CENTRES you can ask them to email the dwp for you or you can request a CALL BACK from a dwp processing centre or they can tell you whats on the screen in front of them THATS IT!!!..
    and to make matters worse once a CAB adviser has been told something it goes on there CAB screens for the next adviser to read and if this info is incorrect you end up with dozens of headless chickens..
    the CAB adviser told the call centre guy that i still had not recieved my medical or points awarded reports..
    after speaking to his manager (the blind leading the) the call centre guy established that although there screen was showing the correct address in dorset the "appeals team" dealing with the claim had still got taunton as the address and had AGAIN sent it to taunton to be continued...

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