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Thread: The Torygraph playing the propaganda game again

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    The Torygraph playing the propaganda game again

    Pensions ommitted from the data. The increase in Welfare cost is all down to scroungers

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    mean while like the rest of of rich, this paper has been racking up massive profits while taking it on the rest of the nation, those less able to defend themselves. must have some backhander deals with the government to be printing this propaganda crap all the time.

    breakdown of figures shows only 10% is been spent on welfare and that more is now spent on pensions in this country and if people out there would wake up they only have to check on government spending charts to see this.

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    And so it begins again - propaganda to turn taxpayers on non taxpayers... Dividing the nation yet again

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    Come on it's been like this since I can remember, it was like this during the 1970's we had TV programs about benefit scroungers immigrants and pensioners. In the 1980 when Thatcher was in power the tabled turned when the attacks on the poorest the sick the disabled turned and the people said hold on we are not happy about this we do not mind paying a bit more for the poor, it did not last long though because the Daily Mail decided to hunt out the people who they said abused.

    New Labour came to power with Tony Blair who stated that Thatcher had put lots of non disabled people onto the sick welfare, he stated why should your GP be allowed to give a medical and never again see the patients, of course we all know it was the DWP that gave you the medical not your GP, but it worked and the country believed him as they believed him about wars.

    The power of the press.

    Guess what when we are all sorted out and are all on ESA or not, bet the Daily Mail will say why do we have so much fraud in PIP's and ESA, it never ends

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    There may be fraud in esa most of it in the way atos try and bury peoples medical historry.
    They replace peoples medical history with a 30 minute points based fictional test

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