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Thread: Waiting for "medical" result!

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    Waiting for "medical" result!

    Hi everyone- I've not been on here in a very long time so hello again.
    Had IB to ESA "medical" this week- note use of inverted commas!!!
    So it's now a wait for the result- but I've seen confusing info as to how the results are given- some seem to get a phonecall before the letter- others a letter only? What seems to be the most common way of delivering the results?

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    Hiya CC,
    Phone calls before the decision letter seem to have become increasingly common since the start of the year. Also the DWP DM's now seem to have a habit of ringing you before they make the final decision. So if you should get one - I wouldn't ignore it, talking to them can make all the difference.

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    thanks for that Jard.
    Another thing I wonder about if how the assessor fills in the physical part on computer if they chose not to do it?
    I was dreading having to scramble up on the couch etc- but when it came to that bit the assessor said they wouldn't be asking me to do any of the physical test as I was in pain- all they did was ask me to squeeze their fingers and left it at that. So just wondered how that is submitted on the report- if they decide to not carry out a physical exam?

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    It is possible that they had all the information they needed to make a recommendation but, heaven forbid, you need to appeal you can cite the lack of physical examination in your case

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    I wouldn't know about the WCA (medical), I've never had one, I was told in the phone call before they send you the ESA50 'we don't think you need that'. They didn't put me in Support Group though, had to go to a Tribunal for that.

    Try and keep it in mind it isn't a 'Medical', it's a Work Capability Assessment - testing your capability for Work & Work Related Activity (supposedly). Just try and relax these decisions can take months to come through, mine took 5 but I've read of many taking much longer.

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    thanks both
    it's no indication of the result (we all know about the smiling assassin scenario) but the assessor was very pleasant- ( in a previous horrendous IB assessment the doctor had gone backwards down the corridor staring at my legs as I walked!!) This assessor made detailed computer notes of what I was saying- she even suggested I contact social services again for further help with bathroom aids. I offered her a sheet with medical appointments since completing ESA50 but she said there was no need as she could see from info already submitted that I'd had a lot of appointments- I could tell from what she'd said she had taken the time to read my submissions - during another previous assessment it was obvious the doctor hadn't read it properly - so at least this nurse had done so.
    As I said- it's no indication of result but when you get a pleasant assessor it makes the "ordeal" easier- I was dreading having the one doctor again but thankfully not this time!

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    Went for mine in the middle of May, and got a phone call with the result just last Wednesday! They are writing to confirm as well, but I don't have that yet... Don't hold your breath, you might expire waiting!

    I was assessed by a 'physiotherapist' - again very pleasant and no trick questions.

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    I had mine two weeks ago, still haven't heard anything but not expecting a quick reply took 8 months to get f2f, on IB at the moment.

    I had a doctor who was very pleasant and took everything down that was said, very thorough, was in about 2 hours, whether that means anything, I don't know, but about 90 mins into it was desperate to find an excuse to leave the room, and was out for ages, maybe he needed the loo

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    wow that's a long time to wait you guys- crumbs! I know from completing ESA50 to attending assessment was 3 months- nurse said I would get results in a week or two- that seems on a par with getting old IB results. I suppose things vary region to region?
    Hope you all get the result you want.

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    Account removed
    I did not do the physical either, he just asked me to stand, my wife helped me he then asked me to walk with crutches and said do you use your wheelchair, he asked me why I had no ramp and I said I had been told it will be done in a years time and I had been waiting three years, for a ramp and a wet room. He then asked how I get out and I showed him I go on my bottom and in to the wheelchair.

    He said that ridiculous and if he was my GP he sort it out.

    Then he asked me to read from a card to test my eye sight.

    He asked for any scars from my accident I showed him because of the mess on my legs and he said what about your back and I showed him the eighteen inch scar.

    He stated then that he would fill in the forms send it in and it would be up to ATOS to decide what to give, but he said I do not think you have much to worry with Paraplegia.

    I said to my wife well that's ok then, when I had the letter three months later, all it said was you have been placed onto the wrag, so I phoned them and sent in a form asked for evidence and I asked to appeal sending in a letter and the forms.

    I then had a phone call asking me to send in evidence of my health and my condition, and they would be putting me through a review, so I asked my GP who did a one page letter saying basically this patient has paraplegia and he is unable to work in my view.

    It then took another eight weeks before they sent me a letter saying I had won my appeal.

    The best bit was the doctors WCA report in it he puts down 45 points and near the back he ticked the unable to work, and he wrote in my opinion this person will not work now or in the future.

    No matter what happens it is a worrying time it was for me.

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