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Thread: Emotionally Disturbed

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    Quote Originally Posted by beau View Post
    What can I say? The DWP think there are miracle cures, time they woke their ideas up.
    You are right beau how do they expect a broken mind to be fixed so quickly - it's time they employed people well trained in this area and indeed ALL areas of illness/disabilities - but they won't!
    Sea Queen

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    Today Y/P has had another appointment with Psychologist who is very pleased with progress made. Y/P has one last appointment before Christmas.
    This is all so very Positive and after a brief chat with Psychologist we made our way home.
    Y/P now has hopes and is so much more positive - I feel like crying happy tears Y/P told me.

    I'm not saying the journey is over - it probably never will be, but the calm change and positive thinking of Y/P is a joy.

    Please all others out there who suffer Mental Health problems don't give up - Keep battering on the medical profession's door and stick with it.
    I think it's time this thread - after three years was closed!
    Sea Queen

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