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Thread: Help please....I've been blacklisted because I complained

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    Help please....I've been blacklisted because I complained

    Can anyone help me please

    I am registered disabled and live in sheltered housing accomodation run by a Southern housing association, and because I complained to the authorities about a serious gas safety issue two years ago and the housing association was investigated and fined heavily, I now find since reporting them I have been blacklisted at every turn and have suffered numerous and nightly attacks of criminal damage to my property.

    My house has no rear entrance at all and last year even bollards were errected so I cannot even get in my provisions like I used to.

    My local MP refuses to even discuss this matter or make an appointment because it was his colleague who arranged to have the bollards put there under a pretext, and although the police anti-abuse team have documented all the anonymous nightly damage caused and made recommendations to the housing association that I am now a high risk tenant and should be rehoused, the housing association in turn refuses to acknowledge the police, who have no powers to enforce their own recommendations.

    As a result of this harrasement, I recently collapsed and lost part of my eyesight and now I have started to lose my kidney transplant as well

    Can anyone *please* suggest anywhere or anyone I can turn to for help or who or who will finally take notice of what is happening to me and why. I thought I was a strong person but after two years of this I am at my wits end.

    I'm really not joking when I say I'm really very, very frightened now...

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    If this is a genuine pleas for help then my advice would be to collate all of your evidence, communications and documentation and march down to your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau and stay there until someone sees you

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    Not to sure about this, but if this is correct this is harassment and the police do have the powers to act, but the council has a team of people who will investigate this. I would say your first step would be to go to the Housing charity Shelter they do employ a legal team who would look into this for you.

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