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Thread: Private MRI scan costs

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    Private MRI scan costs

    Have any forum members had a private MRI scan in the past year or so?
    How much did it cost?

    I am seriously considering getting an MRI scan done privately as I want to know how bad things are regarding my Osteoarthritis, as I have definately deteriorated a lot in the 2 years since I was x rayed for my hips and knee.
    It is now in my shoulders, spine and hands and I can barely walk.

    I brought up the possibility of an MRI with the physio and she said the chances of being sent for one on the NHS are very slim.

    Someone recently asked me why I would bother, as I must know it is going to get worse, so just accept it, but I would like to know exactly what is going on with my joints, and i feel that with the state of the benefits system, solid proof is a must these days.
    I have applied for a supersession to HRM, I'm expecting to get turned down just because it seems to be the norm these days, so if i ask them to look at it my claim a second time, and i then decide to go to appeal, it would help my cause if I had up to date proof of my condition.

    Many thanks


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    You could try googling one of the BUPA sites, seem to remember they had a price list, but would think a top to toe scan very expensive and to be honest unnecessary. Don't think you can arrange an MRI without a referral via a consultant either. I'd a private MRI done for my lower back in 2006, but first my GP had to refer me to a private orthopaedic consultant who arranged the private MRI. So you need to cover their private professional fees, plus the MRI cost itself. Back in 2006 it was £400.for that single area MRI + £150 for the consultant fees.

    Osteoarthritis is a gradual process which tends to deteriorate over a long time. When the consultant thinks a joint replacement or surgical intervention is needed he's likely to send you for an MRI. Similarly MRI proof isn't necessarily decisive in all cases. Ortho surgeon told me with regard to slipped discs there's thousands of people with undiagnosed prolapsed discs which would show on an MRI but are walking about pain and symptom free with no kowledge of their condition.

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    I would ask another dr and not a physio tbh.

    I know a lot of physios have said I couldn't get certain things but then ended up getting them.

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    Physios normally well tuned into the system because they will know from how many scans the request and how many times does requests are turned down as to how likely it is you will get an nhs s can.

    If this is any help at all my dog just came back from the veterinary hospital and they quoted 2000 pounds plus vat 41 m r I scan of her neck last time I had a scan of my head in two thousand and 4 its cost 700 pounds plus vat. But I don't think you have to pay vat now.

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    If you're already under the care of a consultant ask them to have the MRI privately and ask for them to review the results via the NHS - that's what my consultant did. Cost me £350 per MRI and I had 3 of them!
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    Thank you all for the advice.
    Really shocked at some of the prices I've seen, as a guide to what it would cost.
    Unfortunately I have only been seen at the MSK once and that was 2 years ago when first diagnosed, since then I have relied on strong pain meds from my gp and this year decided to put up with physio as a way back into the system!

    Oh well, better hope my numbers come up this weekend, then they will be able to fully rebuild me with all new parts haha.

    Thanks again


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    Hips, I would really keep pushing your GP to get a specialist and push them for an MRI.

    I don't know where your pain is, but if you ask your GP for a referral to a new specialist and then tell them you would like further investigations as your not happy.

    Sorry you are feeling like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hips View Post
    Have any forum members had a private MRI scan in the past year or so?
    How much did it cost

    I had my lower back and pelvis scanned last year. BUPA were charged £350 for the one scan I saw a bill for.

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    I haven't actually mentioned it to my GP, I will bring it up next time I see her.
    I assumed it would be down to the Muskuloskeletal Dept, and I can't get to them without going through the Physio first, then hopefully she will refer me upstairs to them.
    It was the MSK dept that sent me for the pelvic x ray 2 years ago, as the arthritis had spread from my right knee to both hips, now it's in my spine, shoulders and hands too.

    I really appreciate all your advice.


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    Only time I've been referred by for MRI's is when intervention surgery is being considered, also when abnormal neuro test results indicated a bleed on the brain. Due to budget costs they don't tend to do them as a routine, and again not always a good idea for evidence for ATOS . Although a joint area could be causing severe pain , the MRI results may not show any serious (in their considered opinion) deterioration.

    If one of your joint areas is causing severe pain you should ask your GP for another referral to consultant. He'll check out your range of movements etc and then decide if an MRI is needed.

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