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    After 3 years on steroids having problems, have been looking at footsandal but cannot work out if it would be usable for feet really swollen with arthritis and fluid retention? Also need new stool for kitchen, do they have weight restrictions? I think my last one has buckled by my weight [around 140 kilos}. I have bendy long handled brush, no good when skin is stretched and taut because cant get inside folds on top of my feet, never mind between toes! Any advice much appreciated!

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    I would have thought stools have weight limits. You need to look at bariatric versions.
    If you contact adult care at Social Services they can sometimes supply equipment like stools and may be able to help with your foot problems.

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    Stools do have weight limits. Social Services can have equipment specially made to meet your needs/weight requirements. This includes stools, chairs, baths, shower seats, etc.

    As to the footwear, you should as for a referral to the Adaptations Dept through your GP or chiropodist. They can help you find the correct footwear for your needs. I wear sandals, & I have had to put velcro strips on them to extend them. I am waiting for a referral as my chiropodist said that adaptations can fit you with footwear that can be adjustes, when the swelling changes.
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    Have you tried Cosyfeet - they cater for all types of foot conditions, have different fastenings (e.g. velcro), do shoes, boots, slippers - and really do cater for extremely swollen feet.

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    I just got socks from them actually, they are great. They even accept returns for them, which is very rare.
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    This company does extra wide fitting shoes by mail order

    I too have problems with reaching my feet and keeping them in good condition, although fortunately they rarely get swollen. If I am unable to take a daily bath (I hate and don't do showers) I try if possible to soak my feet for a while as this makes me feel generally better and helps keep a tendency to athlete's foot at bay. Cleaning and drying between toes is difficult but most possible after a hot bath which helps my general flexibility and enables me to better reach my feet. Putting socks on in a morning is a big effort, and taking them off again in the evening. I've found tescos bamboo socks to be brilliantly comfortable, non-sweaty, cool in hot weather and warm and cosy in cold, but sadly they would probably be too tight for badly swollen feet.

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    I have severe arthritis in my knees and cannot stand for any length of time I once had problems in the kitchen standing etc I bought a computer chair the one with the castors on now I am mobile all around the kitchen.

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    That is a great idea.
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