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Thread: Electric wheelchair & new york

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    Electric wheelchair & new york

    I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to hire an electric wheelchair for a trip to New York. I would want to hire it over there but travel back and forth in my own manual one

    Does anyone know any good reputable companies

    I will be staying in Times Square, so would need somewhere close by



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    I would certainly think so but I can't give you any info.

    My SIL has been a couple of times but takes her own chair with her. Apparently Americans are very disability friendly, standing back to let the powerchairs on buses and other public transport first regardless of where you are in the queue.

    Just googled and found this.
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    Thanks Beau I will take a look. I only use a manual chair, so dont really know anything about electric w/chairs but I guessed like you that there must be somewhere.

    Thanks for taking the time


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    Instead of specifying power chairs regarding public transport I should have said all disabled people.

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    You probably had power chairs on the brain LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by andypandy View Post
    You probably had Park Central NY Hotel on the brain LOL
    Ha Ha....That's a good one but seriously... Have fun in the Big Apple! What an amazing place it is
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    Thanks E.D. have you been then ?

    I did manage to get a powerchair booked so all good there.

    I go in April do you know what the weather will be like then ?

    Any tips you could give - spill the beans please lol

    I have contacted a tour that does the Sex & The City tour and as long as I contact them 2 weeks before they can get an accessible coach for me - what service !!! I will have to go in my manual chair but that will be fine for the day

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    HI Anddy Pandy, what a great name that takes me back to my childhood. OMG that gives my age away (Drat). I regularly go to New York and last yeaar took my scooter, I found it a great city to get around in my scooter and far more disabled friendly tha London. I was able to get my scooter on to the Subway, and friendly staff helped me at all the stations. My best tip for transfers is to hire a private transfer in advance. On my last visit I hired a stretch limo and found it ideal for getting the scooter into. But other options are mini buses and adapted vehicles. I can reccomend the Sex and The City tour, especially the visit to the Magnolia Bakery. My other tip is to book Broadway tickets ahead of time. I regularly do this for cliets and have no problem with the theatres. My partner is blind and I mentioned this to the theatre and we ended up on the front row of Priscilla. You will love the Big Apple.

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    This is a fantastic thread, I'm so pleased I've found it. I would like to go to New York for my birthday next year - it's one of the big ones. I wasn't sure how I'd manage in my wheelchair. I've been meaning to Google it for advice; but then stumbled on this topic. I was worried whether it would be possible to go; but you've really reassured me. I've only been able to do virtual New York up until now, so I'm really excited at the thought of being able to actually go!

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    Just make sure your pilot has had a sanity test!
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