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Thread: Told JCP my condition improved, PIP claim form sent and DLA stopped

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    Told JCP my condition improved, PIP claim form sent and DLA stopped

    So I was on quite a high rate of DLA for a few years, due to a mental health condition related to schizophrenia. I gradually have been feeling more and more capable of dealing with everyday life and I am now applying for jobs.

    I thought my DLA rate might be a little too high, more than I really deserved, so I told the JCP and my local council that my condition had improved.

    They send me a PIP claim form and assured me that my DLA would continue until a decision is made on the PIP. I duly filled in the PIP form (about 20 pages) and sent it off. However when my DLA was due to arrive in my bank account, nothing arrived. My bank account looked quite miserable!

    After a few days to make sure it wasn't just a late payment of DLA, I rang up the PIP team in Blackpool. They informed me that my DLA had been stopped because I "had told them that I was better".

    This seems a bit wrong to me. I have been cancelling my inessential direct debits like my UNICEF donations but I am stuck with about £5 a day to pay for food, buses, household repairs and everything else after my essential bills. Seeing as I smoke this is quite worrying because a pack a day will take up most of that income. I guess I could ask my parents for food, I won't be going to any food banks.

    Of course, I am going to ring up the DLA helpline and try to sort this out. I am upset at the attitude of the woman on the PIP helpline, who spoke to me as if I was a scrounger. I am not a scrounger, I do as much voluntary work as I can.

    Of course, I still get ESA through my partner so without DLA I am on a comparable income to someone on Jobseekers; the difference being that they don't have the stigma and practical problems that schizophrenia brings, so I am at a huge disadvantage in the workplace and jobs market.

    Anyway if anyone has any comments I would be interested to hear them.

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    Hi, firstly I applaud you for informing the DLA, but perhaps you should have had assistance from CAB to complete the form. Although you are feeling better at the moment, you have a recognised illness and know that it will always be up and down. I feel that perhaps, if your form had been completed appropriately, your DLA would have simply been reduced not cancelled altogether.

    The DWP are not going to be sympathetic to you spending your Benefit money on cigarettes in lieu of food. I am not being judgemental, simply stating a fact. I smoke myself, but changed to tobacco (which I now prefer), and only spend £7 per week on that.

    Have you actually been notified that you will not receive any further DLA. My sister informed them that her condition had improved slightly due to an operation, and her money was stopped immediately. However, it took several weeks for a decision, and this was the same as before - High rate mob and care. Her money then resumed. So, it looks as though they cease payments until a decision is made. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will be able to comment.

    I do hope you have the best Christmas you can. There is no shame in going to a Food Bank. I have had to do this myself when I was in dire need. People donate goods simply to help people out. Please take all charity offered - it is there with the best of intentions.

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    Something you need to understand, DLA is not "income" it is an 'Allowance' for those specific purposes of 'Mobility' and/or 'Care'.
    You need to get qualified advice immediately to see if you can get your DLA award reinstated, contact CAB, MIND or perhaps your local CMHT who should have a Welfare Worker ASAP about this.

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    Thanks susieboots and Jard, I appreciate your replies.

    UPDATE: I rang the DLA helpline and they told me that because I reported an improvement (as opposed to getting worse), they do not continue DLA because of the risk of overpayment. I am assuming that if I do get awarded PIP, it will be backdated to the date of the claim, or perhaps they will send me the DLA for the gap period.

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    Get the qualified advice.

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