I live in Northern Ireland and I was awarded a blue badge because of the severity of my condition. I often get a hail of abuse from other drivers who are often older people. They seem to think that because I an only 25 I am 'far too young' to be disabled. Last time I checked Blue Badges were awarded due to the severity of how a persons disability affects their mobility, not just their age.

Due to my disability my joints can dislocate easily. Even getting out of a car can cause my knee or hip to dislocate. So I need to open my door as wide as it will go in order to get in and out of the car safely. I can only walk very slowly crutches.

I am voluntarily changing from D.L.A to P.I.P because when I was first awarded I was on high care, low mobility. My condition has worsened significantly since then. I now have to pay a carer to help me round the house and I can't drive a car without adaptations.

I'm not looking forward to this as last time round the experience was really stressful.