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Thread: sleep evades me again.

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    sleep evades me again.

    Struggling to sleep tonight..anxiety is sky high, had 3 panic attacks in the space of 5 hours, I'm hyper and on edge. My mind is also giving Sebastian Vettel a run for his money.

    Doesn't help that I have a mental health assessment in the morning. :/

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    Sorry to hear you have had another bad night flower.
    I know how it feels, my mind rarely shuts down and then we have the pain on top so its a double whammy.
    I hope your assessment goes well today. x
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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    I would advice you to try a meditation... you will find a peace within. Nowadays, this is not just for Gurus from India...
    This is for normal business people... try
    It worked for me 100%...

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    I would just like to help you with your sleeping, I am not promoting anything, it just worked for me, that's all...

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