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Thread: Stair Gates/lifts

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    Stair Gates/lifts

    Please can somebody advise me on how to tackle having a young toddler in the house with a stair lift? How do you find a stair gate to fit?

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    Tricky one! Without knowing the layout of the house it's difficult to suggest anything.

    Many years ago when our son was at this dangerous age we used to put a safety chain on his bedroom door so that he couldn't get out during the night or early hours without our knowledge.

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    I know this is very late, but, if you do not have a hinge on the stairlift you can have one fitted that may have to be specially made so it can be opened when on the chair, & because of the rail. The same thing may count if you have a hinge, but that could be considered a safety risk. It is possible to have both & many companies provide both, suitable for the type of stairs, the type of stairlift & the needs of the household.

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