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Thread: energy companies need to rant !!!!!!!!!

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    energy companies need to rant !!!!!!!!!

    Hi all I need a good old fashioned rant and rave I'm steaming

    well you'll all remember late last year when energy prices were increasing and that plonker Mr Cameron gave us the advise of wearing an extra jumper and changing energy online it simple he said right ha !!!

    so I was with n power and although being in credit put my monthly direct debit up by around 30% not the 10%-12% I was expecting so changed

    anyway n power was still charging us for gas so we double checked with eon that they where supplying our gas and phoned n power, my partner whose bank the direct bills come out of has not got the best temperament so asked them to sort it through me and also he's at work a lot so best all round for me to talk to them

    so they said they was sorry blah blah blah and would get it sorted in the next 7 - 10 days all we got was a letter saying that they were sorry and another round of blah blah blah

    so phoned them today and I seriously hate talking to people on the phone to be told that they only gave permission for me to take over the correspondence for 24 hours (like they could sort out anything in 24 hours ) but the lady I spoke to said we could ask for me to be put on to the account for the next 12 months (probably take em that long )

    so changed over beginning of December they owe us around £600 which they are making interest on along with all the other poor saps like us I just hate feeling so small against a giant company who seem to think it's ok to withhold our money but they soon start threatening us if we owe them pees me off

    ok rant over xx

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    If you haven't yet done it, your partner should cancel the direct debit.

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    BBC You and Yours (Radio 4) have had something of an ongoing campaign about nPower holding on to large credit balances.

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    cancel your direct debit my girlfriend work fosr Eon and lets just say there complaints department is very busy she got trained for two days and put straight on the phone and left to it

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    Hi all

    well have stopped the direct debit and phoned them back to try and recover monies owed to be told we are in line to be dealt with you would think they are working with pen ,paper and abacuses not million pound computer systems maybe the old fashioned way might be quicker

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