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Thread: Blind Persons PIP Award

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    Blind Persons PIP Award

    Hi, I've just come off the phone from DWP and have been told I've been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced care, woohoo!!!!!

    A quick time line of my claim is:

    22nd November applied for PIP
    28th April F2F assessment with Capita at home
    1st May DWP received assessment from Capita
    20th May I got impatient and phoned DWP to be told enhanced to both.

    So now I'm just awaiting paperwork.

    I have been told there is no back-payment because I was in receipt of low low DLA, so I will try and challenge this decision because it seems extremely unfair.


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    Congratulations on the enhanced rate Daily Living and enhanced rate Mobility award. It will be interesting to hear how long the award is for when you get the paperwork.

    The timetable for implementation of a decision for someone being reassessed from DLA is fixed by law. You get your next DLA payment at the normal time, four more weeks of DLA, then PIP starts immediately afterwards.

    There is no point challenging this timetable, because the law gives DWP no discretion, I'm afraid.

    I remember making a longer post on this point in the past, where I explained that the only way around this would have been to close your DLA claim before making a new claim for PIP rather than making a reassessment claim. This has its drawbacks, of course - you lose DLA including any consequential entitlements from the date you close your DLA claim. You would gain financially if you finished up with more PIP each week than you had in DLA and you lose money if the converse applies.

    As you made a reassessment claim, you cannot change things now, but you know you will have a substantial increase in your income in 2-3 months' time when you receive your first PIP payment.

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    Congratulations on your award. However it seems very unlikely if not impossible you will get it backdated. DLA claimants reassessed for PIP will get DLA until a PIP decision is made, what if that DLA claimant is not entitled to PIP, would they expect to get the DLA back? No is the answer.

    Furthermore, PIP is a completely new benefit and as such it will not be possible to backdate in your situation. The same applied to those on IB/IS who were transferred to ESA and may have been entitled to more money - No backdate was given in those circumstances either.

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    Hi Flymo, I did ask on the phone about how long the award was for but the person was a bit confused because they couldn't see an award time, so I'll have to wait and see what the paperwork says.

    There might not be much point in challenging about the back-dated payment, but a letter to my MP and the DWP is always worth a try, I've got nothing to lose.


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    Hi Scotty
    well done, you got what is the right decision, the extra money will make a huge difference wether you go for a Mobillity car or use the money for taxis, etc

    so pleassed for you, suffering with RP is not easy, I know I alsso have RP,

    I now feel a little less stressed knowing someone wih RP and Registered Blind can be awarded Enhanced PIP for both

    Good Luck Scotty

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    Congratulations Scotty

    I have my face to face on Thursday morning......looks from your timetable as though things are moving a bit faster after the assessment so hoping it won't take too long after Thursday before I hear.

    I'd be interested to know if you have any joy with challenging the backdating rule.

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    Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad my post is easing your stress, the whole point of the post was to give hope tp people with visual problems like us because there is no information out there.


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    Noisy,I'm glad your your assessment went well, sorry for the delay in answering, hopefully they are starting to speed up now and won't be long till you've got your award,if anybody deserves a good award you do, I've got everything crossed for you.

    If I get anywhere with back payments you'll be first to know, good luck.


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    Hi ,
    Just had my pip award decision letter, I've been given 30 points for daily living and 12 for mobility.

    The award says

    I've decided you're entitled to the daily living component of personal independence payment at the rate of £81.30 a week for an ongoing period.

    I've decided you're entitled to the mobility component of personal independence payment at the enhanced rate of £56.75 a week for an ongoing period.

    In 2024 we'll contact you to make sure you are receiving the right level of personal independence payment.

    Does anyone know if this is classed as an indefinite award or a 10 year ?


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    "Ongoing period" awards are the PIP equivalent of indefinite awards, but even they are usually subject to periodic review. This review is usually set to take place after ten years.

    My PIP award is "ongoing period" with a review after ten years.

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