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Thread: Moderators feel free to move

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    Moderators feel free to move

    this photo came to me thru FB and i don't know how to share it to here. Neither dspite the thread on the subject do I get how to upload pix here. But i know Lighttouch can so take this and run with it!

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    Reddivine, I think the link has done the job for you. Well at least I can see it.

    Now for the technical bit.
    Many people think you can add photos from your camera straight onto a website - normally you can! As the overall dimensions are to big and the file size is to big to open.

    The solution. Be ruthless with the image and trim it back to the core subject matter.

    Next resize to 72dpi in colours Red, Green and Blue only (RGB)

    Adjûst the image size so the file is no bigger than 300kb and optimise for web use.

    Reddivine. I'd ask you to email them direct and I'd resize it for you but that would present problems in itself.

    Next time you're visiting Manchester then drop me a line and I'll give you a quick photoshop master class on my Mac.

    Enjoy the sun.

    PS I was supposed to be cooking for mum tonight but my cooker has blown a fuse after National Grid power surge so I took food to her place and she cooked it.

    Long live the microwave! )

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