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Thread: Can you put a rollator or walker on a mobility scooter?

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    Cool Can you put a rollator or walker on a mobility scooter?

    Hi everyone!

    I am 26 and use a rollator to walk around with. I don't drive, although I used to before I became disabled (two years ago), and have come to the conclusion that I simply don't have the strength to drive myself around, loading and unloading my walker from a car.

    As I am ready for more independence, I think that a mobility scooter might really help me. I want a class 3, that is road ready, so that I can dive it to the local park, or the local shop, I need it to be 'all terrain' and be able to go up a fair gradient, as there is a hill near my house.

    But what I would really like, is for it to be able to carry a rollator as well. That way, I can drive my scooter to the shop or the park, and then have a little walk. I don't want a scooter to replace my walker, I want to keep pushing myself to walk, and I have really bad balance and can't walk without a walker of some description. My dad is very handy and will help me to adapt a scooter to get a walker on somehow, but I just wondered if anyone had any advice, any ideas of a suitable scooter, any warnings or thoughts! I have looked at weight capacity limits and am going to try and get one with the biggest capacity possible (I am quite big and fat anyway!). If I did put a walker on the back, do you think I would upset the balance? Has anyone tried this before or had any good/bad experiences with scooters? Do the batteries last as long as they say they will?

    My walker is a Drive Mobility Nitro rollator and is roughly 8kg and is quite big, and I think it is the most wonderful thing in the world (apart from my beautiful and spoilt dog Cassie)! If I need to get a smaller lighter one to put on a scooter, then I will do that. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for motability as I only get the standard weekly rate of the mobility part of personal independence payment. So I am funding this myself, and will be buying second hand.

    I would appreciate any advice or tips you can give me.

    Thank you!!

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    I have a carrier for my walking frame that goes on the back of my scooter. They are about if you hunt hard and long enough. I only have a pavement scooter and it does remain stable.

    You could contact REMAP for help.

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    Thanks beau, that's really reallly helpful

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    Hi brokenmop,

    An option would be to buy the carrier separately. Please have a look at the link below for the scooter multipurpose carrier:

    Please be aware of weight limitations for accessories on the scooter you're purchasing. For further information please contact the supplier or perhaps you might want to contact an occupational therapist for further safety information.

    Kind regards,
    DLF team

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    My carrier is nothing like these. It is a bottom plate, slightly narrower at one side to the other with edges that stop the item from slipping sideways or dangling and the top is secured by an adjustable strap round the top of the scooter seat/ headrest. It fits into the box section under the back of the seat and is attached by the screw fixing provided with the scooter.

    The one indicated above can be obtained much cheaper than that in the link.

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    Hi Brokenmop!

    My name is Christian Churchman, I'm a 22-year-old 3rd-year Industrial Design (MEng) student at the University of Liverpool in England. For my individual project this year I am doing a project around mobility aids, specifically a foldable walker to fit onto a scooter/wheelchair. My supervisor Farnaz Nickpour has given me an ultimatum; find someone who actually wants what I'm designing and making or the project can't go ahead. So I've been searching for someone who needs a scooter but also wants to walk with a walker. When I found this post, you literally fit my persona perfectly. I've been searching for the right person for a week and you're the best candidate!

    If you could contact me I'd be super grateful as you could influence and improve my project greatly!

    My email is ''.

    I hope this reaches you!

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    Christian, I think you are onto a loser as walking frames already fit onto scooters with the appropriate accessory.
    I carry my foldable triwalker on my scooter regularly with a frame that is designed for that purpose.
    There is no need for a specifically designed walker.

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    You might want to check the date at the top left of a post before replying.

    You have replied to a tread that was last active over 3 years ago.

    And I don't think brokenmop will be replying, she/he has not logged onto the forum since May 2015.
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