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Thread: Who has been to Paris??

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    A few months ago I found a great website to travel around the Paris and I hope It will work for you because it is the guide for the disabled people. So what are you waiting for just click on it and I am, sure your all problems will sort out.

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    I never found this one despite extensive googling. however plans for Paris have been shelved at the mo.

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    Have been to Paris twice. 1st time very nice, 3 nights in a hotel, 2nd time just for the day on Eurostar (long story). Not so nice, saw the real side, someone's bag snatched at gare du nord, a three scams, including one someone tried on me. Vowed never to go back. The metro is not disabled friendly. If you do go please google "paris scams" and be aware.

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    I've been to paris 6 or 7 times. The most recent about 6 years ago. This was my first visit in a wheelchair and I found many aspects of the stay difficult. Pavements in the centre of Paris I found to be very good; mostly level without the overly graded crossfalls I meet in London streets all too regularly.

    Finding accessible cafes and restaurants was also a problem. One day we walked the entire 2 k left side of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. In all we passed dozens of eateries; but only 3 were wheelchair accessible, that is they had an adapted toilet. We couldn't work out whether the buses accommodated wheelchairs or not; and taxi drivers were reluctant to take us.

    Aside from this places such as the Louvre Palace, Musee d'Orsay, the George Pompidou Centre and Notre Dame were quite accessible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighttouch View Post
    Yes, it's great to participate in the Paris' café life. Many is the morning, armed only with a croissant, black coffee, Rothman cigarette and copy of whatever I was reading at the time, I've sat on the pavement shaded by a deep red awning just letting the world go by. However, as someone with a neurogenic bladder, I have a need for the loo; and on quite a regular basis. Sadly, outside of the major tourist haunts, most Parisian eateries do not cater for wheelchair users.

    In my experience, a Gallic shrug even when performed with a fromagey 'I'-sorry-but' smile is no substitute for a porcelain sousaphone when the old stepladder announces a need for emptying.

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    I have been four times
    It is my favourite place to go
    I hope to go again

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    I was there this past May. I was backpacking through Europe and it was my first stop. I loved Paris and want to be back there right now. Only bad thing about it is the international airport's currency exchange place. Don't do it there, the exchange place charges a 3 -15% commission. At the Waterloo Station in London, the cost was about 4 pounds for any amount of money you are exchanging.

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    Just a tip, never change your money at your departure point. As you have found out the commission charges are very high. Much better to get some currency from your bank at home and then change more sterling at overseas banks.

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    I have never been to Paris....

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