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Thread: SDP Entitlement

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    SDP Entitlement

    Hi all, I'm a new user and desperately seeking some advice please. My eldest daughter who is 21, moved out to live with her dad in January. It has only been brought to my attention that I am able to make a claim for Severe Disability Premium. I've been in receipt of MRC dla for 3 years now and ESA. My daughter still visits and stays most weekends, will this still make an impact on my claim and also can I claim back dated money? Your input is much appreciated.

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    You would need to declare the situation with your eldest daughter and the decision maker will reach a decision on where your daughter normally lives. On the facts you give, it is likely the decision would be that your daughter ordinarily lives with her father. Some proof may be sought of her normal residence - for example, where her bills go or where any season ticket she uses to get to work is valid from.

    As your entitlement to SDP depends on a change in your circumstances rather than gaining backdated entitlement to a benefit that qualifies you for SDP, it is likely any backdating will be limited to the date you notify DWP of the change of circumstances. Ignorance of an entitlement is not, by itself, a reason for backdating - the general principle is that you can only be paid what you claim. However, the rules on supersession of an award to include a premium are extremely complex, and the facts might support some backdating.

    The important thing is to contact DWP to notify them that you are now living alone and wish for SDP to be included in your Income Related ESA. Any delay is making this notification is potentially costing you money.

    When you make this notification, you should explain that the change in circumstances took place in January, so consideration can be given to whether backdating is possible.

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    Thank you kindly for your input, much appreciated.

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