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Thread: Apple iphone6 launch on Wed 9 Sept '14

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    All is happiness and joy with full refund given back to credit card.

    Catlover - saw this and thought of you. I know it's not quite the phone you wanted but quite honestly there's not a lot of difference as they'll both use exactly the same new software.

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    All those of you who have these fancy Apple phones should read this. No doubt there are other makes that exploit their Asian workers.
    Doesn't it make you feel ashamed?

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    I think Apple lay down guidelines for working conditions but the issue is that the companies tat make the iPhone just ignore the guidelines.

    This company also make phones for other manufacturers so all tech companies are at fault.

    What would you suggest to rectify the issue?

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    That the firms that are contracting these companies to produce these phones and all phones for that matter,(and other goods as well as it is not only phones) really do check on visually and on very regular unannounced visits instead of presuming that the workers are being paid and treated as they are reported to be.

    In fact, if people stopped buying them just to keep up with the Jonse's or because they "must have" the latest gadget, due to the exploitation of these workers, it may make them think again about keeping a better eye on oriental practices. The only downfall would be that those workers who are worked so hard for a pittance probably wouldn't have a job at all which would be even worse.

    In fact there is no real solution other than very strict overseeing by the companies who are subcontracting these oriental companies.

    To be honest in my mind, those that spend the sort of money that is charged for these latest gadgets need their heads looking at and have more money than sense. I know, even if I was well off enough I wouldn't even contemplate buying one.
    At the end of the day what did we do when there was no such thing as mobile phones let alone ones that will do everything and anything.

    Folk that brag about having the latest make me sick, so unfair on folk who are struggling and rubbing their noses in the fact that they are so hard up, often through no fault of their own.

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    I was saved by my phone the other week when I got my new hire scooter. Got it out and assembled it but it was beeping and I had no idea why. With a bit of help from google I was able to locate a manual and rectify the problem

    When it comes to what to spend our money on, whether we have a little or a lot, we all have different priorities. I'm sure other people spend their money on things that I consider to be a waste but if it's what they want to spend their money on then that's up to them. Do bear in mind that not everyone who has a fancy phone actually bought it outright - they may have paid a small amount then pay a monthly phone plan. I don't have a landline so my mobile is my only phone (and my music player, my sat nav, my diary and so on!)

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    I have a basic phone that is on PAYG, rarely use it and it is only there for emergencies. I have a breakdown number for my scooter on it so all I have to do is ring them if the worse should happen.
    There is no way I would tie myself into a contract, can do better things with my money like put food on the table and keep the house warm.

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