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Thread: Help with student research

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    Help with student research

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Simon, I'm a photography student as well as being disabled. For the last part of my degree I'm creating a project on disabled photography, photographing subjects who are keen amateurs or professional photographers with a disability, although this may yet expand to include people with occupations or hobbies which might be considered problematic to some embers of the general public.
    My intention is to create a series of images which portray the abilities of people rather than the disability and show how we can overcome problems. In this way I hope to try to educate the general public that disability is not an insurmountable bar to living a 'normal' life and so increase the positive perception of the disabled.
    If anyone reading this is, or knows of a possible willing subject then please contact me or pass my details on to others.

    If you would prefer not to be a subject but are still willing to help then it would be great if you could complete this survey for me, it will only take a couple of minutes and is totally anonymous.

    All replies will be gratefully received.
    Survey is here -

    Anyone wishing to contact me my email is

    Thanks in advance

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    I have completed your questionnaire (although some questions such as the working one did not have an appropriate option). I am an amateur (very amateur!) photographer.

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