I know I have other post regarding various aspects, but thought it best to start another to let you great people know my Mother has been offered and accepted a tenancy in ‘extra care facility’.

As some of you will know, an earlier application failed at the beginning of this year, but recent application, which consisted of a much more detailed application, means Mum has only 4 weeks before she will be living in her own 3rd floor ‘penthouse’ which we viewed this afternoon, which also gave us the opportunity of asking the manageress, a few necessary questions. Some of which we knew the answers to, but still wish to be double confirmed. There were also some queries which she couldn’t answer fully.

My Mother currently resides as a tenant in 1 bedroom bungalow supplied by large social housing landlord. As Mum receives pension credit, for the current property, she receives full Housing Benefit and Council Tax. As I may have mentioned in other post Mum also receives, State Pension (obviously), Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance (and as she is single and nobody receives Carers Allowance) Severe Disability Premium which is included within her PC.

We understand that as a ‘extra care facility’ there are going to be additional charges. From information received this will be rolled into 1 single payment and made up from TV licence, Gas, Maintenance/Services and possibly water. This amounts to approx £30.00 per week. The separate bills/charges that Mum will solely be liable are Electricity, Telephone and any care charges (I covered this is other post which was dealing with care providers under a private arrangement and as the ECF have their own staff, this can be supplied ‘in house’ under the same rates the LA charge, so will be slightly cheaper as there will be no travelling involved).

However, we are still not 100% certain that Housing Benefit will cover the full rent, as they do at Mums current home. The manageress was unable to answer this categorically. As the new apartment is a 2 bed, I know that Mum will not be liable for ‘bedroom tax’ and this is what could have been confusing manageress (given her due, she does not deal directly with HB). I know from experience that HB has the ability to cover all rent charges that appear higher than regular 1 bed/2 bed homes, if tenant receiving relevant benefit. I know this as my (higher)rent was met in full due to the need for being housed in supported accommodation for a number of years (the figure at that time of my life was easily 4 times as much as a single person would have been granted).

I was wondering if anybody readers can answer specifically, due to Mum receiving full HB/CT at her current residence, strictly speaking as she receives passporting benefit of pension credit, that this will be the same for her new home in ECF?

Also, am I correct in thinking, strictly speaking, there should not be need for a full new HB application to be completed as she is simply moving address, but the ECF manageress, having advised that as each new tenant, or family on behalf, handles the HB/CT matters from tenants previous home to their new home at ECF (I was quite surprised at this as would have thought that somebody at ECF would have handled this on tenant behalf). However, manageress has told us that she will obtain HB form and send this out to me. I presume the ECF will complete various parts of HB application then it is just a matter of completing necessary part for Mum, have her sign and enclose copies of various benefit awards.

Hopefully, somebody can clarify those points made above.

As always,

Many, many thanks.