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Thread: HELP: We need your thoughts on this mobility scooter idea....

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillee View Post
    I can see a problem with a volume switch as by the time you have adjusted the volume switch so it is audible in a noisy environment the chances are it would be too late, having the volume switch turned on maximum all the time I'm sure would would cause problems when just a polite "toot" would suffice. My suggestion would be to have the horn switch configured in a way that the volume would automatically be raised with a continuous push or a series of quick depressions .
    There are beeper devices, normaly used in truck reversing circuits, that sample the surrounding noise level and set the volume of the beeper accordingly.
    Just looked at one, costs less then £35 inc VAT. for a one off, less for bulk orders.

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    I agree that sometimes the horn isn't loud enough so adjustable volume would be useful. Tbh I don't use the horn much when I use a scooter. I prefer to actually say "excuse me" and if they don't hear me I try to go around people. After all, scooters are supposed to give way to pedestrians. I am always wary of appearing impatient or as though everyone should get out of my way because I think scooter users have a bit of a bad reputation these days. But obviously there are situations when a horn is needed.

    Reversing beeps are similar - sometimes so quiet nobody can hear them but at other times so loud that everyone within half a mile radius turns to look.

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    Hi Phillee

    Yes, we agree, and we definitely need to be able to tailor the level of volume to the situation, so many thanks for your idea. I will be passing your thoughts through to the product development team for them to ascertain the feasibility of putting these ideas, or a combination of these ideas, into production.

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond.
    TGA Mobility Team

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    Excellent point Catlover - thank you! :-)

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    Hi Nukecad,

    Have you got a link to these beepers so I can send it across to the team?

    Many thanks

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    Try these:

    Link to bicycle siren on ebay, the selling company 'ilastone' also has other siren models on ebay

    Link to auto volume reversing beeper, and other reversing alarms

    There are other makers and retailers out there those were just two off a quick search.

    Another thing that might be of interest to scooter users is this motion sensing anti-theft alarm, again designed to clamp onto a bicycle

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    I support the idea of being able to generate an audible warning at an appropriate level relative to the background noise, but I would also suggest leaving the 'insipid beep' in place via some sort of secondary control. I worked with one person who used the 'insipid beep' on her power chair as a proxy for applause and handclaps, as her arm problems prevented her from clapping her hands together. This noise might also be useful for drawing the attention of a carer without drawing wider attention.

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    Try thinking a bit sideways about this.

    There are lots of siren types for fitting to kids bikes but why stop there.
    Think of the thousands of toys and games that talk or beep or make some kind of noise.

    There is nothing to stop you fixing the electronics from these (or the whole toy) to your scooter or even your wheelchair and having your own personal audible warning type.

    With a bit of thought you could have anyone from Donald Duck to Buzz Lightyear clearing the way for you.

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    Thanks Nukecad, much appreciated!

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    Thanks for your input Flymo

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