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Thread: ESA still need sorting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmazingAtheist View Post
    We did that and they are saying that I am entitled to full amounts total of 389 pounds every Two weeks and even the benefit paper says the same.
    If that's correct, then ask that benefit adviser to contact the DWP on your behalf to help sort it out for you.

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    You have mentioned other income, including Contributions Based ESA. There has also been mention of Carer's Allowance. As noisynoodle has said, income will be deducted from your applicable amount.

    The Income Related ESA you are actually paid is the applicable amount less all non-disregarded income. Contributions Based ESA is deducted in full from Income Related ESA, as is any Carer's Allowance. Any PIP or DLA is disregarded in full and does not result in a deduction.

    If you want someone to comment on whether you are receiving the correct amount, you will need to post the breakdown of how your ESA was calculated from your most recent letter or, as has been suggested, take the paperwork to an advisor who can establish your correct entitlement. Obviously, if you post the breakdown here you should omit any National Insurance numbers and other personal details.

    Support Group will not result in much more money than the Work Related Activity Group. The Support Component is ?7 per week more than the Work Related Activity Component.

    In addition, being in the Support Group entitles you to the Enhanced Disability Premium of ?15.15 per week if you were not already receiving it (for example, because you were receiving enhanced rate Daily Living PIP or higher rate Care DLA).

    In most cases, the maximum a move to the Support Group will result in is an extra ?44.30 per fortnight (2 x (7 + 15.15)).

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