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Thread: Court of Appeal decision- disabled buses

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    This is the reason I do not public transport it's to stressful and even with all the protection we are supposed to have I prefer to carry my wheelchair in my mobility car and yes I was initially refused so had to appeal which took months to get an indefinite award of DLA so only now have to wait for the stress of the PIP journey

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    As a wheelchair user who sometimes uses the bus I've had people, who are sitting in the wheelchair space when I've got on, move elsewhere when they've seen me. This seems to me as the right and polite thing to do.

    However, if the bus was jam packed and someone in a wheelchair gets on a bus to find a mother and buggy positioned there what should happen if these mother/buggy cannot physically move elsewhere because the bus is full? I would not expect them to get off given they were there before me. Why should they move? I'm not going to melt or get blown away by waiting for the next bus.

    I think this is a sensible judgment. The bus company had a common sense approach when it came to their wheelchair policy and imo taking them to court in this instance was a massive waste of time and money.

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