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Thread: All in the hands of fate!

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    All in the hands of fate!

    Well - the PIP form has gone! £8-45 for special delivery, it is now winging it's way to DWP for my deadline of 26 Dec. What a job!!!
    Am hoping against hope for a paper based assessment as, to be honest, a F2F with my son is unlikely to add anything much, as he is so overwhelmed by interaction with strangers that he is unable to speak at all.
    Have really tried to 'paint the picture' as per Flymo's advice and have given specific examples plus included four functional assessment reports from autism service, OT, speech & language and Educationl psychologist, and statement of SEN and annual review from special school.
    Am now going to try and forget all about it for a couple of weeks!!

    It has been really helpful to read some of the threads on here, although many of them paint a very difficult picture of many of your PIP experiences, some have been stories of quite positive experiences too.

    All of you waiting for decisions, MR's and appeals, my fingers are tightly crossed for you xx and will update as progress allows in the hope that someone else can be helped.

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    Sounds like you have strong supporting evidence. So long as the supporting evidence sufficiently covers every descriptor you are claiming for and allows them to rule in your favour, I don't see what they would gain by doing a face to face.

    Having said that id never assume they wont request a face to face.

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    Quick update, rang DWP this afternoon to check if my forms have been received after being signed for wednesday - they have been submitted to Capita!

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