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Thread: What will happen.

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    What will happen.

    Hi All
    Can anyone give me some advice...... I'm in receipt of ESA Support Group and DLA full mobility and full carers also get housing help and council tax help.... I have been coping on my own for some time.... Now if I was to get married and my partner was to be my main carer and she worked 15hrs a week what would be the outcome with the ESA and DLA plus the other two benefits... Would I lose any money...Would I be reassessed for PIP and ESA due to change in circumstances ..
    Thanks for any info
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    This is a very complicated question, do you and your partner currently live together ??, getting married shouldn't have any effect for reassessment of your DLA, however it will probably affect all benefits that are Income Related (IR) like housing benfit(s), (IR) ESA etc.

    You should contact an adviser like CAB or Welfare Rights etc and tell them what your proposing and ask for a 'full benefits check. They will be able to go through all your various circumstances with you both and provide you with a full written assessment.

    All the best for the future.

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    That's great advice from Jard but you could also go on a benefits website like entitled to and put in your projections as in living together your partner working 15 hours and see what the results page says that will give you a good idea on the ins and outs whether you will lose or gain benefits.........Paul

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    I endorse the advice of others to talk to an advice provider, as they will be able to offer bespoke advice based on your circumstances. As this answer attempts to explain, the effect on benefits is rather complex.

    Contributions Based ESA is not affected by getting married or living with a partner.

    DLA is not affected by getting married or living with a partner, as getting married and/or moving are not changes of circumstances. However, the help or supervision you need might change after you marry, especially if you move, in which case you would have to declare a change of circumstances. Depending on where you live, declaring a change of circumstances might trigger reassessment to PIP, though, as you are probably aware, you will be reassessed for PIP eventually unless you were 65 or over or 8 April 2013 (though in that case I would expect you to be drawing pensioner benefits now rather than ESA).

    The means tested benefits you mention - Housing Benefit, Council Tax help and any Income Related ESA you receive will be affected by getting married, as the means test will be applied to your joint income and capital. An extra amount is added on for a couple.

    If your partner is not disabled, you will almost certainly lose Severe Disability Premium from any Income Related ESA entitlement. She might not be able claim Carer's Allowance, as someone working 15 hours per week is close to or over the maximum weekly earnings allowed for someone receiving Carer's Allowance depending on their hourly rate. If your partner successfully claims Carer's Allowance you will definitely lose your Severe Disability Premium.

    If your partner successfully claims Carer's Allowance, that is regarded as income in relation to your means tested benefits and will be deducted in full from any Income Related ESA. However, you would be entitled to the Carer Premium on your Income Related ESA.

    There's no point me going into further detail, as there are too many unknowns. All I'm really trying to show is that getting married will likely lead to a series of changes in your means tested benefit entitlements, with some amounts being added on and others taken off. I hope this underlines the importance of getting advice from a local advice provider before acting.

    It is important to look at the figures you receive from an advice provider's benefits check in the light of a realistic joint budget. Though you may well receive less money as a married couple than two single people, your basic living expenses should be lower.

    If your currently live with your partner, there should be no changes as you should previously have declared the relationship in connection with all means tested benefits. You are supposed to declare marriage, living with a partner, divorce and ceasing to live with a partner. From a benefits perspective, there is no difference between marrying, entering into a civil partnership and living with a partner.

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