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Thread: Nukecad in hospital

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    Sorry to hear this nukecad. Sending all my best wishes for a speedy recovery.X

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    get well soon nukecad all the best for a fast recovery

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    Blimey you don't do things by half! Sounds like your doing really well.

    I'm sure u will be up and out in no time. The bed situation is so dire in hospitals chances are you get sent home before the phone battery drains out.........:-)

    BB xx

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    God speed your recovery Nukecad

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    Get plenty of rest ready for the ReHab, pounding the treadmill and throwing the medicine ball etc etc.


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    Wishing you well.

    Come back soon - your forum needs you!!

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    Hi, all the best and speedy recovery.

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    Wishing you a speedy recovery Nukecad, what a frightening experience for you but glad to hear of your swift treatment.

    Take care of yourself, look forward to seeing you back on the forum.

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    All the best for a very speedy recovery. What a great report of the care you received, it's good to hear such accounts of paramedics and services.

    Take it very easy and rest up well.

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    Achhhh get outta that hospital (don'tcha know they ain't healthy places..) And don't do it again!

    Get yaself well soon mate.. Thank goodness for the remnants of the NHS! !

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