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    Job center spying

    Hello there today I was told that someone had reported me to the fraud line at the job center. I am disabled but very rarely get out my house to perform with my band, we play for a max of 30 mins and I am driven there and back. My friends believe the job center is lying and is spying on my fb, does this happen and is it legal?
    It's quite mean to make me feel like someone close to me has reported me. Is that why their lying because they have committed a crime, I told them in my interview that I play in a band and they didn't mind then. I'm now paranoid I'm being watched.

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    I don't think they're likely to be lying about how they became aware of you playing in a band. Even if they were and had seen you talk about on FB they have done nothing illegal. If your FB page is publicly viewable then anyone can look at it, including DWP and anyone else you can think of.

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    Why use FB & other controlled un social media?

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    It is quite possible that someone has made an anonymous report.

    As long as you are doing nothing wrong then there is no problem and it's usually sorted out quickly.

    It happens, I have had it done to me and no doubt many others have as well.
    I was reported for doing some work while claiming ESA, the jobcentre asked me about it and I told them they had already had a permitted work form before I did it, no further problem.

    Who knows why these people report you? Jealousy perhaps, or maybe they've been watching too many TV programmes about 'benefit scroungers', believe that everyone is on the fiddle and think they are doing the right thing?

    As far as looking at your FB, there is nothing illegal about looking at FB.
    Anyone can see what you put there, if you don't want anyone to see it then don't put it on FB.

    (If you apply for a job these days before you get an interview one of the things the prospective employer does is look at your FB, Twitter, and any other social media accounts to see what you are like - and will also judge you by what your online 'friends' are like too).
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