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Thread: Moving to a different county on Housing Benefit

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    Moving to a different county on Housing Benefit

    I'm thinking about moving to a different county and wondering if all counties have the same housing benefit entitlement or do they vary? I've never moved whilst on HB.

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    i moved from lancashire to east sussex in october 2011 and every thing was the same.

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    The way HB is calculated will be the same, but I think the LHA - Local Housing Allowance - can vary. Whether that would affect you would depend largely on whether you are a Council tenant or private, whether you rent a property considered too big for your needs, and whether you qualify for full HB on account of your benefits.

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    Thanks for your replies!

    I would be moving into a privately rented 2 bed cottage. I'm currently living in a privately rented 2 bed flat in a different county.

    The rent would be a tiny bit cheaper so am I right in thinking the HB would still be the same and I would pay less out of incapacity? (I currently pay a small amount out of that to cover rent).

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    All LA's have there own set limits as to what they pay in HB and this also varies within their borough. A search of the web and you can find what those amounts are for that area.

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    Thanks I'll have a look now...

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