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Thread: Home remedy from severe itching caused by diabetic nerve damage

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    Home remedy from severe itching caused by diabetic nerve damage

    Anyone got a good home remedy for severe itchiness caused by long term diabetic nerve damage. Affecting feet, legs and arms. Have tried cool water, cooling creams etc .

    Can't take any of the usual medication prescribed for diabetic sensory nerve damage due to other nerve damage and diabetic long term related probs.

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    hi seriouslyfedup i had severe itching for about 3 months couldn't sleep just wanted to ripe my skin off i use to put a redhot water bottle on my skin because it was better to feel the scolding than the itching so i know it's awful have you tried eurak cream (it's probably not spelt like that sorry can't spell) it's for things like nettle rash so maybe it would help you hope it does itching drives you mad

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    Thanks acheron will try and track it down and give it a try. Problem's due to sensory nerves misfiring. and have tried mind over matter as well. At least it's not painful nerve burning sensation which I've had before, with it being all over that would be even worse.

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    Did you go to the doctor ask about that? There are only a few general diabetes itchy like you. I know that Singapore has a spa for Diabetes Treatment is very useful. It can also help you less skin pain. I heard that soap daub can relieve itching.

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    It's damage caused my nerve soap will not help at all

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