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Thread: Audio record Assessment?

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    Audio record Assessment?

    Hi All,
    My wife has to attend an Assessment at Atos assessment centre.A lot of posts on here comment on the distort ions and downright lies perpetrated by the Assessors.I have a dictaphone m/c.Wonder if I should officially record the assessment.In doing so,is this likely to antagonise the Assessor,ie make a bad situation worse.Any advice appreciated.

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    You can ask - but the official policy is that audio recordings on your own equipment are not allowed unless it is an evidential grade recorder that makes two copies on CD or cassette and you leave one copy with the assessor. The assessment will be terminated if a covert recording is discovered.

    Video recordings are not permitted.

    If the assessment is for ESA, you can call the ATOS helpline to request that the assessment is audio recorded. If ATOS agree, there should be an evidential grade CD recorder provided by ATOS - the claimant leaves with one copy and the second copy is retained by ATOS for a period before being destroyed. However, the assessment will still go ahead if a recorder is unavailable for any reason.

    If the assessment is for PIP, there are no provisions for the assessment provider to provide recording equipment, though you could ask anyway.

    It is up to a tribunal to decide whether to admit a recording as evidence. Recordings made using a evidential grade recorder should be admissible in evidence in any tribunal. Recordings made using a non-evidential grade machine such as a dictaphone may not be admissible, due to the risks of tampering and the lack of a second copy kept under the control of the assessment provider for corroboration.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply Flymo.It was just a thought.

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    I would go ahead and request an official recording if it is an ESA assessment - it costs nothing and the recording will likely take place.

    My personal feeling is that the risks of a covert recording are not worthwhile, but others have made covert recordings. In some cases, assessors will depart from the guidance and permit overt recording using a dictaphone or digital audio recorder if asked, though they are not supposed to.

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    Thanks again Flymo,
    There is a leaflet that comes with the Assessment letter.A section in this mentions that the recording equipment must of the approved can make two copies of the Assessment.One copy to be left with the assessor.Judging by people's experiences on hear,the assessments can be skewed enough,without antagonising the assessor into deliberately torpedoing the person being assessed.Imagine reaching the end of the tape in the middle of the assessment.The equipment automatically rewinds or the recording button jumps out with a loud click.Mines an older type dictaphone.I believe now, that Tribunals may not allow these recordings anyway.Think I will play safe and not bother.Thanks again for your advice.

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