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Thread: How much time per year are carers allowed as respite?

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    Cool How much time per year are carers allowed as respite?

    Hi people, apart from family members helping out, how much time per year should carers have as respite?
    As I look after my husband full time, and as we know what that cost can be if someone was in a home.
    I have been full time carer since August 2013, only time I have had off is 4 days in June.
    That was organised by carers uk. Just last week I contacted social services they told me entitlement is 6 weeks
    A year. During the year I have no information from anyone about this. Many thanks for help.

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    In what context are you asking this question - DWP benefits you receive as a carer, or respite care arranged by Social Services?

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    In the last 8yrs and 8 months as a disabled sole carer I've had exactly none at all. Sick of asking SCD and my sons care co-ordinator about getting a break for me or having him go off somewhere so we get some "alone time".

    The answer is always the same, if we want it we have to pay for it so that's a bit of a non-starter as I'd have to pay someone to go with him or come here t look after him if I go away.

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    phaedra,do you have a local branch of crossroads?
    they do bi-annual grants for short breaks and can arrange respite care for you

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    Where I live, there used to be a dedicated care home run by social service, just for respite for children with mental and physical disabilities.
    You had to apply to the social services dept. The care home was 6 beds, so you can imagine the demand placed on the service.
    It equated to something like 2 nights every 6 months, if you were lucky.

    I do hope you find something in your area.

    Good luck and best wishes

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    When my daughter was first disabled I used to get 4 weeks a year which was pretty much funded with only a small amount to pay on behalf of my daughter.
    This dropped to 2 weeks over the years.
    I think it depends on how much and what kind of care is needed.
    As deebee says you could get in touch with Crossroads we also had input from them for quite a few years.

    My daughter used to go to Vitalise for her breaks. They have nursing staff and also use volunteers so anyone who goes there should be well looked after as well as have a good holiday, you could also go with him and the staff would look after him but you would both enjoy a break together.
    Pricey though!
    Sea Queen

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    I think it might depend on the LA. For a carer caring for an adult I thought it was 28 days a year, don't think this is written anywhere and if you asked to see the proof don't think it would happen.
    For an adult carer respite it would be funded according to how much you could get a carer to work for per hour and would depend on this being agreed. Getting anything agreed at present is like winning the lottery, I think children will be different. Only other way is to say you can't cope and mean it.
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    Hi flymo, i am simply asking in the context of respite, holiday, break!! whatever people call it,i simply want to have a break
    by myself for a week or so, why is this such an issue? its nothing to do with dwp i dont get carers allowance, as i get a state pension!!
    seems they think your well off!! i gave up my job last year, (would otherwise be still working) after all the old story, the carers are saving the state zillions as we all know, so social services have to provide facilities in a home without charge (after all its not my husbands fault if he went somewhere for a week).

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    I understand, jenwill. I only mentioned benefits in case that was relevant to you.

    The statutory duties under which councils have to provide services to disabled people who do not require residential care, and to their carers, do not lay down detailed entitlements. What is available is a matter of assessment and local policy.

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    Jenwill, check this website out for holiday grants. I know that people with certain medical conditions like MS can apply to the MS Society for subsidised holidays where carers went free.

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